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Hindi & Telugu Best Love Whatsapp Status Video/ Sad Love / Crying Love

Whatsapp status video today I would like to tell about this trending topic ok which is creating excitement to watch someone Whatsapp status. It represents some feelings of a person based on the category or type of the video.100+ Best Love Whatsapp Status Video Download While watching this video’s we can easily understand the feelings of a particular person. Who shared the video in his/her Whatsapp status page generally we are sharing Whatsapp status videos for fun only and all are using this feature for expressing their inner feelings. but all are not doing the same.

Very Sad Crying Status Video Download



Choodi Jo Khanki Whatsapp status video Download



Anupama parameswaran status video



Heart touching status video



Teri Meri Kahani Status video



Tella Tella Varre Velugu Rekkala Whatsapp Status Video Download (Geetha Govindam)



About Whatsapp Status Video:

Some peoples are creating their own text message as share status. Whatsapp allows you to keep a status video for status text at a status page with 24 hours time Bound. After 24 hours of our message our video will disappears automatically in the time how many members are people’s watch our status, it displays every second on that page. They will show the exact time of view of a person also.

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That’s is we have more curiosity to see our status visitors list, obviously, we can search our loved one’s name on the list of visitors. We can set a status for specified peoples also that type of filters also available in our Whatsapp. SD my friends download status videos and publish and your status page now enjoy. The feel of social media but do not spread fake news on this media that is not good for our society.

Types in Whatsapp status videos:

  • Love videos status
  • Romantic video status
  • Sad video status
  • Flirt status video
  • Friendship video status
  • Comedy video status
  • Funny video status
  • Music video status
  • Animal loving video status
  • Quote video status
  • Viral video status
  • Devotional video status
  • Fight video status
  • Functions video status
  • Natural video status
  • Movies video status
  • Experimental video status
  • Breakup video status
  • Sports video status
  • Festival video status
  • Tech video status
  • Science video status
  • News video status
  • Actors video status
  • Pubg video status
  • Prabhas video status
  • Birthday video status

Along with our own text status videos

How to keep the status video in WhatsApp status sharing page:

Just open our WhatsApp app in our Smartphone and tap on the status menu next you will see the status page and tap Plus (+) button it allows you to open the camera video or gallery of our phone. Just select a video that is already downloaded on our mobile. just select that it will load on our status page. But choose only short length videos because huge memory files may not upload at a good speed. It will take a lot of time to upload and uses also take more time to download and watch the video. So a lot of people has not a good internet connection so they cannot see our lengthy video status. So please keep short and sweet status videos only.

Please observe the quality of the video before you post and one more important point is select privacy settings for your status video.

Status privacy:

In the status privacy settings page we can see three options for users because privacy is more important in status sharing some people don’t wont to show their feelings to all our contacts list persons.

  1. My contacts
  2. My contact expect
  3. Only share with

My contacts: My contact options will give no privacy it will allow us to see or all contact members to you your status video.
My contact expect: The second one is my contacts expect some persons.

Only share with: Today one is the best option for you according to my knowledge.

That is my only share with specified contacts so in this option you can select particular contacts to allow your permission to see your WhatsApp video status.

WhatsApp status page divided into some sections those are:

  • Recent updates
  • Viewed updates
  • Muted updates
  • Hide muted updates

Recently WhatsApp announces a new future share your status with the Facebook story directly you can publish your status on Facebook.

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