Whatsapp Update Status Share to Facebook Story

Daily status share to Facebook story: One new update is coming from Whatsapp with the most interesting feature. “Our world-famous giant social media messaging & sharing application facebook is trying to connect Whatsapp & Instagram app with it. Zuckerberg wants to link these apps with Facebook. So he is introducing one feature in Whatsapp this is share to Facebook Story”. Whatsapp sharing new feature Status Share to Facebook Story this option to easily share your status.

About “Whatsapp Status Share to Facebook Story”:

Now, this feature is currently running & testing in Whatsapp beta version. As per that we can see a new feature like below.

Whatsapp Update Status Share to Facebook Story

  1. In WhatsApp status page, under my status icon, u can see the green color labeled name with share icon symbol.
  2. When you click on that link you will go to share now a page with the status preview picture of which status you want to share.
  3. Just click on share now blue color button on the page. It allows you to the Facebook app directly.
  4. “Share your Old status updates in Whatsapp messenger to Facebook” in your my status page. Just click on the below screenshot option button.Whatsapp Update Status Share to Facebook Story
  5. It allows you to share your old statuses also to share on Facebook just clicking the share now option easily.

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram New Updates:

After sharing process completion your page automatically opens regular ordinary I phone Whatsapp chat menu. Already Facebook has three popular social media chat messengers Whatsapp, Instagram, & its own Facebook messenger. All apps are having their own tech & special features.

So Facebook wants to link these applications to connect with the main mega-site. In future Whatsapp & Instagram names also change like WhatsApp by facebook Instagram by Facebook. So these type of more changes we will expect in future all are eagerly waiting for new features of Whatsapp obviously. So wait for new updates daily check-in your Google android play store and apple app store.

In the last update, Whatsapp gives autoplay voice messages, That means you need not to press the play button for each voice message. Why because once you click on voice message play button automatically consecutive voice messages will play in a line but share on facebook feature is different formals. It is a completely new strategy of Zuckerberg but we need some improvements in Whatsapp.

Best features of Whatsapp: (It is completely free)

  1. Send free messages to others, all over the world.
  2. We can share our photos, pictures, even if the person living in other countries.
  3. We chat together with a group of people with group chat.
  4. Just send or receive documents in all supported formats.
  5. Now send voice messages if the person is not reading to talk with you.
  6. Whatsapp web feature allows you to see the Whatsapp messages through a computer.
  7. You can easily share our files which are stored in a computer to our mobiles I pads and other devices.
  8. There is no user name and passwords to login. It is easy to open this app there is no problem or confusion of login logout boring old apps system.
  9. Offline messages, chat history, acknowledgment read report blue ticks, google drive chat storage, media storage like a lot of options is very useful for our daily life.

10, But share your location feature is a very very useful feature for every common man.

11. Live location helps you to find the peoples all around the world.

Now share your status with Facebook feature came in Whatsapp’s new update.
Whatsapp released on 18-10-2010 in Google play store: Till now it is giving its best magic us with no fees. Just we need an internet connection only.

Whatsapp’s other app is Bussiness Whatsapp:

  • It is specially made for companies customer support to their customers with easy notifications and interesting chats, But it is created with small and medium brand or business owners points of views. Because small business owners can not spend money can customer care support (CRM) department. They don’t have sufficient money to interact with their customers. But our Whatsapp Bussiness app provides an interacting platform between owners and customers.
  • It is also a free messaging social app company or business owners makes their groups keep in touch with customers. They can send offers images, discount coupons, recharge promo codes, trip information, bargain market deals latest updates, their latest product details, invitation cards, pdf documents, excel, worksheets, powerpoint slide shows, vacancy details, recruitment news to draw the attention of customers.
  • They can easily spread their business news with their customers with free of cost. There is no need to pay a single rupee also.
  • Maximum 100 MB file also you can send in this WhatsApp. It is very useful to send a bigger memory file to customers.
  • Customers also send their feelings with chats, calls, emails, gifs, and if new WhatsApp stickers.

Upcoming features of Whatsapp:

1, Muted Status Updates (Hide Completely):

This is the next change in Whatsapp status page. But it is very helpful to hide the muted status of our members in-app. Actually muted status updates are laying in the same page with faced as color. It is slightly visible panel but it is also disgusting for some people because which personal status updates we don’t want to see in that status panel, We use mute option. But some times unwantedly we can press or tap that status updates by scrolling the page with our fingers. To avoid this bad experience, the new feature came. So we can’t see the messages of muted updates until you hide the muted updates great.

2. WhatsApp Payment Section:

Currently, the payment icon is displaying under the attachment menu of the Whatsapp. But it is not working now. Because that payment functionality has not started yet so our Mark Zukerberg who is the founder of Facebook decides to change option with his new payment system app “Facebook Pay“. Facebook pay is a platform based on only these types of UPI based payment type are the payment system of people. It is an easy way to pay the bills, send money, receive money, without knowing the banking account details of others. Just we need to registration in the app with a registered mobile number attached or linked with a respected bank. Nowadays all shops are maintaining barcodes, QR codes of these payment applications.

How to Work WhatsApp Payment Process:
  • So we have maintained these apps and open our app camera and scan that code with it.
  • Like our barcode reader within a fraction of second their details will appears in our app screen.
  • Just we need to enter the amount of the bill and send to proceed the transaction with our UPI passcode or PIN number you will get transaction status report.
  • Because of this easy way of the transaction Payment system, Facebook also attracted and designed to open one now payment system app that is “Facebook Pay“.
  • Facebook also decided and they want to give “Cashback”, “Scratch Cards” and “Discount Offers” with this payment app.
  • That’s why they are inserting “Facebook Pay” in Whatsapp with its new updates.

We have one other news also about this, especially for IOS users. That is alignment indicator it is started in the beta version of IOS based app emoji stickers of IOS devices beta app.

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