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Android 10 Google’s mobile operating system

This is the latest version of the Android operating system. Officially it is the name of the android Q version released on September 3rd in 2019 worldwide.

Android 10 Google’s mobile operating system

Google announced about 10th version, from this year onwards no alphabetic sweets and food items names for their versions. Just android 10, 11, 12 ……. Like this it will come in the future. This is the major change in total android’s history.

Android 10 comes with new style logo:

 Android 10 comes with new features like live caption, Family links, privacy controls, smart reply, sound amplifier, dark theme (dark mode), gesture navigation, focus mode, location controls , bubble chat ,new share menu and more security updates.

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Presently which phones are running in android pie 9.0, those particular mobiles will get soon automatic update through OTA, from their mobile companies. Mostly Google pixel phones will get these types of updates fast than others.

  1. We can get updates directly from Google play app. It this way it will give security updates very fast than earlier.
  2. Focus mode give you full control of currently running app in the background, we can stop directly some apps easily with this mode settings. You can set and re-adjust Privacy Settings in just menu option.
  3. One more great feature came in this version that is a family link, we can easily monitor our children’s and our family member’s playing time, locations, browsing time, etc.. You can set screen time limits also.
  4. Dark theme (dark mode) finally android gave you this feature who loves the black backgrounds for apps. It helps you to increase the battery backup decently.
  5. Gesture controls are came with version helps you to control phone with new navigation gestures. Google assistant gesture also came.
  6. The sound amplifier system gives you full control on sound witch you want; you can boost the sound and filter background dirty noises.
  7. Full new smart reply system comes with automatic emojis, pre defined chat lines according to the message, maps location to reply makes easy from direct notification badge.
  8. Bubble chat is the new chat head messaging method like facebook messenger.
  9. New and most brilliant share menu came in this version.
  10. In this version we can change icon colors and total system atmosphere color. We can customize icon shape also.

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